I will lead and tailor an individual recovery plan to interrupt your endless physical symptoms and address the key elements required for your recovery.

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While we live and breathe, stress is inevitable and we may all have experienced some form of trauma.

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Quickly and consistently reduce or eliminate all types of physical and emotional issues.

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Achieve your potential, performance and wellbeing.

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Energy balancing for the purpose of pain management, stress reduction and relaxation.

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What we do

We work together, I support people to recover and heal from common physical and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, negative beliefs, past hurt and unhealthy behaviour patterns. We work together to achieve goals of health, wellbeing, improving personal, professional and sports performance or simply a treatment for relaxation.

SaraNorth Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I found Elaine to be a true expert in her field. Her obvious passion for her work shines through in everything she does. She has helped me so much with her complimentary therapies including “Reiki” and she introduced me to “Tapping”. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

J.GCounty Durham

“Life was not good. I was suffering with fatigue, no confidence, I was not in a good place. You introduced me to Tapping and Reiki. My life has changed in so many ways, I can’t thank you enough.”

Elizabeth HayesNorthumberland

“I was feeling that I was in a dark hole. I needed someone like Elaine who guided and encouraged me to see my way out. With her help and support I now feel life is good and fibromyalgia is not a lifetime condition.”

SarahNewcastle upon Tyne

“Working with Elaine was life changing; I made many small changes which led to big improvement to my health and my life.”

Not sure where to start?

Get in touch for a free Health Appraisal Form. Once the completed form is returned, an appointment will be made for your free up to 30 minute telephone consultation. Following an assessment of your symptoms and history I will be able to give you options for your best way forward.